Future Events

Mount Kilimanjaro climb – September 2018

On 18th September all 4 trustees of Help Smile Trust will start climbing Mount Kilimanjaro.

                                    Practice climb at Snowdon peak….

Practice climb at Snowdon peak!
Kilimanjaro is the tallest free standing mountain in Africa, it is nearly 6000 meters tall (5895 to be precise) that is over 19000 feet.  Climbing this is a very big challenge our trustees have been working hard to prepare themselves for this challenge.  Trustees have climbed Ingelton in Yorkshire, Snowdon in Wales and many other smaller hills.

Apart from its on going commitments HST has exciting new plans to extend its activities to include providing support to local community in Hertfordshire.
We are determined to go all the way to Uhuru peak, the highest summit on Kilimanjaro.  Your support and encouragement is important to me. I thank you in anticipation

Musical concerts – November 2018 –

Our trustees are music lovers and some of them are accomplished singers as well.We will continue to organise concerts this through one more concert in 2018.

British 10K –  July 2019 –

Since 2012 every year over 30 participants take on the challenge of completing the 10K and raise funds for Helpsmile.We will continue our association with British 10K in 2019.