Welcome to Help Smile Trust

Help Smile Trust was established on 30th June 2010 by Dr. Bela Vadodaria, Mr. Shailesh Vadodaria, Mrs, Mohini Subhedar & Mr. Rajeev Subhedar.

The genesis of Help Smile Trust is in the work Mr. Shailesh Vadodaria started in the year 2000, at the Brahma Kumari’s international spiritual university at Mount Abu, Rajasthan, India. Mr Vadodaria has continued his association to date. In 2010 likeminded professionals joined forces and formed Helpsmile. Mr Rajeev Subhedar was instrumental in formalising the efforts, this took the form of a registered charity, Helpsmile. This has created a foundation on which many charitable activities are now carried out by the trust.

Dr. Shailesh Vadodaria shared his experiences and project details with like-minded friends – one among them were Mr. & Mrs. Subhedar. Mr.Rajeev Subhedar had worked with charitable organisations before and was instrumental in forming another health related charity in UK. He proposed the idea of creating a formal platform to continue and enhance the scope of charitable work that Mr.Vadodaria was pursuing. A mission statement promoting Health, Education, Love & Peace was formulated to steer the direction of charity activities – HELP SMILE TRUST was thus born!

Our program of work originates from the need to support society in improving overall health and education.

  • The Cleft project – Mr. Vadodaria has been involved with multiple hospitals around the world. Through his efforts we have been able to put a smile back on hundreds of children.
  • We also aim to make a difference through direct financial assistance to other charities who are doing great work in their areas. We carefully select the charities we work with to ensure their activities align with our aims. This enables us to extend the reach of Helpsmile into areas that we are not able to reach. So far we have worked with 3 charities.

Inception of Help Smile

The idea for such a programme began when Mr. Shailesh Vadodaria was introduced to Sister Julia (Practising General Practioner) in Sheffield. She asked if he could be of help with his plastic surgical expertise in one of the hospitals of the Brahma Kumari’s international spiritual university at Mount Abu, Rajasthan, India. He was immediately interested and knew that the preparation for a surgical project is as important as the actual implementation of the project itself. He contacted one of the local Indian plastic surgeons (Mr. S Vasa), who had vast training in United Kingdom, to visit and assess the feasibility and appraise the local setup. After a positive feedback from him the first project was planned. The groundwork was undertaken by an ENT surgeon Mr. S Mehta, working in Mount Abu, supervised by Mr. Vasa.

Aims of the cleft project:

  • Treatment: Provision of direct care to cleft patients.
  • Teaching and training: Provision of educational training to local
  • Population of doctors, nurses and paramedical personnel
  • Long term follow up
  • Research
  • Promotion of self reliance and establishment of local team.

The link below is the trust deed of the charity. HELP SMILE TRUST is registered with UK Charity Commission under Reg. No. 1137156.