A Compassionate Initiative by Help Smile Trust to Support Navkshitij – A Home for Mentally Challenged Adults

Post Creator – Mr. Rameshwar Fundipalle


General Manager, Operations, Navkshiti (www.navkshitij.org)

On behalf of Navkshitij, we would like to thank Help Smile Trust, UK for the valuable support always.
Help Smile Trust is one of the well-wishers that has been supporting Navkshitij for a long time.
The connection with the Vadodaria family started when the family visited Navkshitij for the first time
and mingled easily with the Navkshitij family. They believed in the cause of the intellectually disabled
and decided from then on to always support this cause.
The Trustees of Help Smile Trust, Dr. Shailesh Vadodaria Ji, Dr. Bela Vadodaria Ji, Mr. Rajeev
Subhedar, and Mrs. Mohini Subhedar and their families have conducted a Navkshitij tour many
times since then. Mr. Sudhir Vadodaria has been a regular at Navkshitij as he is a resident of Pune.

Regular Visit by Help Smile Trust to Navkshitij to meet special friends
Whole team of Navkshitij posing with us

Whenever the members of the family/trust visited Navkshitij we welcome them with a dance recital
by our special friends Kunal and Monika. A tour around the campus is a must where they interact
with our special friends at the workshop watching our special friends engrossed in their activities.
Our special friends are always treated to a delicious lunch followed by gifts from the Vadodaria

Tour around Navkshitij campus
Navkshitij Visit by Help Smile Trust trustees

In Dec 2017, Navkshitij proposed to Help Smile Trust to sponsor a needy 21-year-old Special Friend
named Kunal Shinge who had lost his father when he was very young. He came from a humble
background and was brought up by his mother along with his two siblings. Due to his behavioural
issues his mother decided to keep him in a residential rehabilitation school. She then approached Dr.
Nileema Desai for his admission in Navkshitij and since Jan 2018, Help Smile Trust constantly
supported him by paying for his fees.
Unfortunately, we lost Kunal on 7th Dec. 2020. He was suffering from renal failure and was on
dialysis support.

Special friend Kunal Shinge.


In 2018, Navkshitij proposed to Help Smile Trust to support the Installation of a Roof (Gallery Shed)
at Navkshitij Marunji Campus. It was difficult for our friends to sit outside their rooms during the
monsoon and summer season due to rain and heat. There was no common sitting area for the
Special Friends to enjoy their leisure time. Realising this need, the trustees of Help Smile Trust, Dr.
Shailesh, Mr. Rajeev and their team agreed to sponsor the installation of a gallery shed. Regular
visits by Mr. Sudhir Vadodaria to the site ensured that the project was duly completed with all safety
measurements. A sofa, chairs with tables for carrom boards are placed here so that our friends can

be very comfortable and relaxed. This area has become the go- to place for watching the TV, cricket
matches, playing games or just chitchatting. We will always be grateful to Help Smile Trust and its
members for realising this need and fulfilling it for our special friends.

Installation of a Roof (Gallery Shed)
at Navkshitij Marunji Campus by Help Smile Trust

In 2023, a need of a four-wheeler for emergency situations as well as for multiple purposes was
realised. We approached our friend and partner Help Smile Trust if they could help us out with this.
The need for a four wheel vehicle was felt when there was hospitalization of special friends,
collection of groceries from donors, picking up raw material for the workshop or attending
competitions/events with selected special friends. This was discussed with the members of Trustees
of Help Smile Trust when they visited Navkshitij in 2023. A proposal was put forward to Mr.
Vadodaria to sponsor an EECO Van (seven seat vehicle) for this purpose. After analysing our need
and going through our past record, Dr Shailesh and Mr. Sudhir decided to go ahead with our
proposal and sponsor this EECO Van for the welfare of our special friends.
We will always remember this with gratitude and pray that Navkshitij and Help Smile Trust maintain a healthy and friendly relation always!


EECO Van for the welfare of special friends.

Mr. Sudhir Vadodaria, his family and special friends with the New EECO Van that arrived on 9th November 2023


Special Friends with New EECO Van
Arrival of New EECO Van at Navkshitij (https://navkshitij.org/)