Reconstructive plastic surgery at Mount Abu, Rajasthan, India (Oct – 2023)

Aesthetic plastic surgery is often associated with enhancing one’s appearance, but it can serve a far greater purpose. MACS Clinic, under the leadership of Mr. Shailesh Vadodaria, recently partnered with the Help Smile Trust charity to remind the world that the world that aesthetic plastic surgery surgery can make a significant impact on people’s lives to improve form and function . Their collaboration took them to Global Hospital Mount Abu in Rajasthan, India, where they worked tirelessly to help those in need.

The team from MACS Clinic, along with renowned consultant plastic surgeons from Mumbai, including Dr. Santish Bhatia, Dr. Ashish Magdum, Dr. Vinay Jacob, and Dr. Jaiswal, joined forces with Dr. Sharad Mehta from Mount Abu. Together, they performed life-changing surgeries on 18 patients with cleft lip or palate deformities, post-traumatic injuries, and vascular malformations.

Dr Santosh Bhatia regularly participates for all reconstructive charity work in rural Africa and India along with Mr Vadodaria for the last 6 years.
Visiting plastic surgeons – Dr Santosh Bhatia , Dr Ashish Magdum , Prof Vinay Jacob and Prof Jaiswal from Mumbai

But their mission went beyond just performing surgeries. Dr. Jacob and Dr. Magdum also took the time to educate the hospital staff about setting up a microvascular reconstruction service for patients with head and neck cancer. Their knowledge and expertise are essential for improving healthcare services in underserved areas.

Dr Vinay Jacob conducting teaching session for setting up microvascular reconstruction at Global Hospital


Dr. Ashish Magdum UK trained plastic surgeon educated local team about how to set up microvascular team to support Head/Neck reconstruction

One crucial aspect of this charitable endeavor was the generous provision of surgical instruments for cleft lip and palate operations, courtesy of the Help Smile Trust. This charitable organization, founded in 2010 by Mr. Rajeev Subhedar, Mr. Shailesh Vadodaria,Dr. Bela Vadodaria and Mrs. Mohini Subhedar, and, has a profound impact in facilitating provision of health and education in developing world.

The Help Smile Trust’s Cleft project is dedicated to providing care to cleft lip and palate patients in hospitals worldwide. They also offer education and training to local doctors and nurses, along with long-term follow-up care for patients. In addition to this, the charity extends its support to other organizations that help people in need of reconstructive surgery , scholarship loans . This means that their reach extends across the globe, offering vital services where it’s needed most.

Dr Sharad Mehta Consultant Cleft Surgeon devoted more than 30 years looking after cleft children in rural Rajasthan
Cleft repair surgery performed at Mount Abu, Rajasthan                       
Cleft lip operation – a very dedicated theatre team



The Help Smile Trust has been actively raising awareness of the necessity of aesthetic facial surgery in parts of the world where state-provided healthcare is lacking. They organize events and fundraisers, such as the impressive Kilimanjaro climb in 2018, where four trustees of the Trust scaled the tallest freestanding mountain in Africa to raise money for their cause. They also encourage visitors to their website to make donations, ensuring that they can continue providing care to those in need.

This charitable collaboration reminds us that aesthetic plastic and reconstructive surgery has a significant impact on people’s lives. For example, repairing a cleft palate or lip is life-changing for a child. It enables them to feed properly, develop speech, smile, and reduces their susceptibility to frequent ear infections. Without such surgeries, a baby might struggle to survive.

This charitable initiative serves as a powerful reminder that plastic and reconstructive surgery is also used for restoring hope, dignity, and the opportunity for a better life to those in need.