Help Smile Trust Newsletter 2020-21

Year 2020

It was unprecedented challenging year because of Covid-19. This compromised our annual activity of organising annual British 10K run for fund raising and reconstructive charity work in developing world, but we continued:

  1. Supporting Covid-19 victims at Walwalkar Hospital, Dervan, Maharashtra, India ( by providing £1000 of financial support
  2. Nurturing mentally challenged adults by adopting Kunal and providing financial support for building construction at Navkshitij – Home for Mentally Challenged (
  3. Facilitating room construction for pre-school education to underprivileged gypsy children from rural area in Gujarat, India
  4. Provision of operation theatre instruments and equipment’s to MOTEC charity, Ghana ((

Help Smile Trust assisting covid-19 victims at Walawalkar Hospital, Dervan, Maharashtra, India (

Nurturing mentally challenged adults by adopting Kunal and providing financial support for building construction at Navkshitij – Home for Mentally Challenged

Mr. Rajeev and Mrs. Mohini Subhedar’s (co-trustees of Help Smile Trust) visit to Navkshitij
Whole team of Navkshitij posing with us

Completed the project of developing pre-school facilities for underprivileged children from gypsy community in Bhavnagar, Gujarat, India

Exposure to Science city van – interesting spot experiments for inspiration
Mobile Science Van Day – Interesting science experiments exposure
Celebrating Republic Day
Exposure to science city van
Construction Site

Donating the operation theatre equipment and material to MOTEC, Charity in Ghana

Year 2021



We are delighted about our active participation in completing 10K run for the 11th consecutive year on river Thames in Central London. This was the first run after covid-19 pandemic in Central London.

On 25th July 2021, nearly 20 people put on their running shoes to participate in the British 10K in London to help raise money for the Help Smile Trust. In addition to supporting this event these people helped in fundraising by spreading the noble cause amongst their friends and family through social media. We enjoyed this event with team spirit blended with the desire to help the good cause.

London 10K Runs have been the most significant annual fundraising events for Help Smile Charity for last seven years, and they have been successful every year. We are very grateful to the following participants who completed the run and also raised significant amount of funding for our noble causes-

Walden Peters (8 years old boy), our youngest runner
Mr. Pranav Subhedar, youngest donor to donate £500

Merlyn Peters, Julia Kusztal, Manisha Patel, Sailesh Mehta, Andrew Gallaghar, Deanna Uppal Judith, Pranav Subhedar, Mohini Subhedar, Rajeev Subhedar, Anna Gibson, Sam, Pritesh, Mo Arslan, Rishi Vadodaria, Raaj Vadodaria, Bela Vadodaria and Shailesh Vadodaria.

We are very grateful to all our supporters and well-wishers to donate £4767.75 to support following activities:

(i) Cleft lip and palate and reconstructive surgery in developing world for e.g – India, Africa ( Tanzania and Ghana) etc.

(ii) To support NAVKSHITIJ a registered non-governmental organization working in the field of Rehabilitation of Mentally Challenged Adults, since 2003. (

(iii) To support families with young children who lost the bread earning parent/s during current Covid-19 pandemic in developing world.

(iv) Help Smile Trust donated £2006 towards Nursing education of deserving students coming from economically backward class who are seeking admission or already secured admission in the SVJCT’s Samartha Nursing College at Dervan (Dist. Ratnagiri, Maharashtra state, India).  For more details, please visit

We, at Help Smile Trust are very grateful for your kind participation, donation and support in order to allow us to continue our work in Africa and India.

With Kindest Regards,

Help Smile Trust, UK


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