A Brief Summary of the activities performed by The Help Smile Trust UK – 2012

In the beginning of February 2012, Mr Vadodaria visited a small village in India called Dervan to perform reconstructive plastic surgery procedures at the Walwekar Charitable Hospital in the interior of Maharashtra.  The hospital is approximately 300 km away from Mumbai.  He was accompanied by Mr Peter Ayliffe, Consultant Maxillofacial surgeon, Great Ormond Street Hospital, London and a nurse from Halifax, Canada.  The project was organised in conjunction with a group of Doctors from Newcastle UK.

The Walwekar Charitable Hospital, Dervan

Reconstruction of Nose, 15yr old boy

We operated young children with congenital hand deformities (syndactly – fused fingers), adults with soft tissue defects following road traffic accidents and severe deformity following acid burns.  We also performed reconstructive procedures following total loss of nose because of Cancurm Oris. We also helped visiting

orthopaedic surgeons to provide soft tissue reconstruction for patients who sustained high velocity road traffic accident with severe injury leading to multiple fractures of lower extremity associated with soft tissue loss.

Fused (Syndactly) fingers, were released in a 5 yr old boy

We also operated children with crani – maxillofacial clefts.  Mr Vadodaria was particularly very satisfied while reconstructing a large sacral pressure sore using buttock rotation flap.  This young 15 year old girl developed paraplegia while she accidently fell from a multi storey building. The local hospital staff members were very supportive about the work performed by the visiting team from the UK.

 15 year old girl with Paraplegia following an accidental fall from the terrace.  She developed a long standing pressure sore on her lower back which was reconstructed with a buttock rotation flap

We have planned to visit Dervan in the month of February 2013 for a period of 9 days to provide reconstructive services to deserving patients in this charitable hospital which is in a rather under privileged part of rural Maharashtra. This is particularly very useful since there is no local plastic surgeon based in Dervan to provide reconstructive services in this hospital. Many patients are not able to get the plastic and reconstructive operations in time or else they are forced to visit places like Pune or Mumbai where the plastic surgical procedures are very expensive. Many times it is not feasible for these poor villagers to spend the amount of finances required.

The Help Smile Trust also donated essential instruments to the department of cleft lip and palate at the Global Charitable Hospital, Mount Abu, Rajasthan. The total cost of instruments was £1,000.00.

Mr Vadodaria has regularly visited the Global Hospital in the last 12 years and he also plans to visit the Global Hospital at the end of this year.

Mr Vadodaria is also exploring the possibility of visiting Zimbabwe in the very near future.

Well integrated global team from Dervan, UK and Canada

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